Photos / poems by Joseph Stern.
Also appearing in...

Gravity Field Art Exhibit, 2021 (Upcoming)
MidWest Review, 2021 (Upcoming)
Charging Post and Tai Hu Stone Exhibition, 2021 (Upcoming)
F-stop Magazine, 2021
Filling Station, 2021
International Photography Award, 2020 (Honorable Mention)
Another Chicago Magazine, 2020
Brush Talks, 2020
BanShe Art Exhibit, 2019
Gargoyle, 2019
Suzhou Creek Exhibit, 2018
The American Journal of Poetry, 2017
Chen Jing Shi Art Exhibit, 2017
Common Ground, 2017
Shanghai Coal Harbor Yacht Club New Year Art Gala, 2017
Lighten Up Online, 2016
The Main Street Rag, 2016
Penny Ante Feud, 2014
The New Poet, 2013
Angle, 2013
Poetry Pacific, 2013
Literary Juice, 2012 (Pushcart Prize nominee)

Published books, pamphlets & booklets include...

Evolutionary Emotion Theory In Education
The Vegetarian Zombie's Cookbook
The Many Lives of Anaka Elle
An Apple Pie for the Andromedans
Dressed in Time
The Dream Explorer
A Different Kind of Day
The Fugitive and the Guru
Cake and Space
A Geometric World with Weather
The Color Hunter
Shopping for Disaster